Flake: Republicans in denial about Trump

Flake: Republicans in denial about Trump

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) Said Monday that the Republican Party is in denial of the first few months of Trump’s President’s office, calling on GOP members to vote against some of rhetorical and political leader .

“First, we must not hesitate to say whether the president” plays at the base “in order to damage the ability of the Republican Party to grow and to speak to a wider audience,” he writes in a magazine publication Politician quickly attracted attention online.

“Second, Republicans should take a long-term view on free trade: populist and protectionist policies could play well in the short term, putting their disability in the long run.”

“Third, Republicans must defend the institutions and prerogatives that the filibuster Senate, who have served us well for more than two centuries,” said Flake.

The Arizona senator, who was re-elected in 2018, said conservatives are partly responsible for raising Trump because of his concentration on former President Barack Obama instead of “progressing from a conservative policy program.”

“It was the conservatives who, according to Obama’s election, said our number one priority was not advancing a conservative political agenda, but Obama has been president of a single term – the corollary of this binary thinking is that its failure would make our Success and the fate of the population that would be solved in the meantime, “said Flake.

The Arizona Republican has criticized Trump – to his original proposal for the travel ban in January, for example – and again on Monday slammed the administration for his rhetoric about Russia’s electoral interference.

“Even if our own government documents a concerted attack on our democratic process by a hostile foreign power, our own White House denied the authority of its own intelligence services, diminishing its astute democratic results and deception,” said Flake . “The conduct that would have been conservative in the arms if it had been exposed by our political opponents surprised us now.”

The senator, who recently said that Republicans who did not call Trump are accomplices, said the GOP was in denial this year. So far, Congress has not enacted health legislation, while the administration was forced to cope with multiple staff shakes and fought against the deployment of its travel ban.

“To continue in the spring of 2017 as if it were happening, everything that came close to normality required a certain suspension of critical faculties. And a huge power of denial,” said Flake.

“The White House has done good things,” said Flake host Bret Baier, citing designation of Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and regulatory reforms.

“We adopted a tax reform,” he added. “This will be a major uprising. I think it is not as difficult as health reform, but it is difficult” and require “a very disciplined administration and Congress” to do so.

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