A soldier survived 48 hours of terror in Vietnam. Today, he received the Medal of Honor.

A soldier survived 48 hours of terror in Vietnam. Today, he received the Medal of Honor.

President Trump presented on Monday the medal of honor to an army veteran, there are 48, repeatedly risked his life to save 10 comrades during a deadly battle and a long day on the central coast of Vietnam.

Recognizing James McCloughan, now a retired 71-year-old Michigan professor, Trump said in a beautiful story of altruism and courage, the occasional slip to emphasize the battle was hellish and that McCloughan and other Americans survivors overcome these opportunities Extraordinary.

“He was one of the 32 who fought to the end,” said the president, casting a glimpse of McCloughan, who stood stoically walking Trump right, “and carried out his camp against more than 2,000 enemy troops. I speak for everyone when I say that we fear their actions and their value “.

The brief but emotional ceremony at the White House was the first time Trump has brought the highest price of the country’s battle.

Among the participants, there were 10 men who fought with McCloughan in Tam Ky in May 1969, five of whose former life-long combat bout believed to be rescue, Trump said.

The medal of honor is the second McCloughan unit: the Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 21 Infantry Regiment. Another doctor, the soldier.

Dan Shea, died in the same operation by performing a wounded soldier to safety. For her courage, Shea was posthumously recognized in 1971.

It is difficult to evaluate which one of going out with the death McCloughan in Tam Ky was the most painful.

There were so many. In the vicious battle 48 hours McCloughan – who was known as Doc – risked his life at least nine times to rescue injured or trapped comrades, and helped prevent major forces from North Vietnam from overtaking them.
“As one of his companions remembers,” Trump said, “the one who calls” doctor “could count on McCloughan right away.He is a brave man …. He climbed through a thick rice paddy with rain of steel.

This means bullets everywhere. As the soldiers watched, they were sure it was the last time they would see Doc. They thought it was the end of their friend Jim. ”

The operation began on May 13, 1969. This morning, elements of the Charlie Company were transported into the foliage a few miles off the coast. They were immediately attacked and two US helicopters were shot down.

President Trump will award the medal of honor to Spec. James McCloughan for his service during the Vietnam War as a combat physician. (The US Army)
Only 23 when his unit hit the camp in March 1969, McCloughan and his colleagues found with the fierce enemy determined to push Americans at any cost.

“I was initiated on the first day,” he recalled in a recent interview with army biographers. “We got to our first ambush, we had a dying man, I had a few people to repair, and I was shot by a man.

This is a lot to digest on your first day. But I did not know I was going to deal with something like Tam Ky. “

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