Download Blue Whale Game App Its Challenges & Full Information

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You’ve never heard of blue fish, yes, it’s the giant and the biggest animal in the universe.

But today, the game of blue whale challenge becomes very viral on the net while teens are affected because of this game.


Affected Countries Of Blue Whale Game App

  1. Kenya
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Georgia
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Chile
  7. Brazil
  8. Argentina
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Italy
  11. Paraguay
  12. Portugal
  13. Russia
  14. Siberia
  15. Spain
  16. United States of America USA
  17. Uruguay
  18. Venezuela

Download Blue Whale Dare Game APK

It is clear that Blue Whale Game is not published on Google Play Store because of the content it contains. Therefore, if you are anxious to enter the application, you must download it from third-party sources, making sure that they are clean and that they can not harm your device.


Here’s the new challenge, the Blue Whale game, you only have 50 days to complete all the tasks you need to start now!

The Blue Whale application has a challenge inside, you must complete all tasks, one a day, do not miss anything.

The application has a game inside that must complete to unlock the daily tasks, to complete the game just to score 100 points

Homework is fun things to do with your friends and family, at the end of the 50 days we are sure that you will be happier and more confident in yourself.

This game does not endure any negative behavior of any kind whatsoever, we firmly believe that life is something valuable and we should appreciate it.
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