Indo-Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh favourite to become the next leader of New Democratic Party

The Indo-Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh emerged as the favorite to become the next leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), supported by the hard-line elements in the community, one of the possible rising factors.

Registered NDP members, one of Canada’s three largest parties, will begin voting on September 18 to elect their new leader and results will be reported Oct. 1.

More than 124,000 members are eligible to vote in leadership elections, the NDP said in a statement. Singh’s favor opportunities have improved in his attempt to become the first person in the Indian-born community to lead a national political party.

Singh’s campaign boasted of having signed more than 47,000 members in the 13 weeks following the contest. While a rival campaign claimed that these figures are inflated, it has always been an impressive draw for the 38-year-old competitor.

The NDP was the main opposition party in the former House of Commons, and its provincial units have governments in British Columbia and Albert in the provinces. The next NDP leader will be the captain of the party’s campaign for the 2019 federal elections.

New Delhi will closely monitor these events, as Singh will not be able to travel to India and sponsored a motion at the Ontario Assembly last year to consider the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as a “genocide.”

More recently, he accused Indian diplomats of trying to undermine his campaign. This profile is a call for strong line groups who may have played a role in promoting their membership ranks and their gifts.

Famed Khalistan activist Sukhminder Singh Hansra, president of Shriromani Akali Dal-Eastern Canada, said his group supports Jagmeet Singh’s candidacy and asked each member to support his campaign, how they can. ”

“SADA Canada is mandated to represent and protect the interests of Sikhs, including human rights in Canada and the right to self-determination at the international level.” Jagmeet Singh is best for the job, “Hansra said in an e-mail response to the questions of the Hindustan Times.

This last part of his answer alludes to the separatist campaign for a Sikh country. Some experts believe that Singh could attract leadership. Nelson Wiseman, a professor of political science and director of the University of Toronto’s Canadian Studies Program, said: “I think it will win.

“As the Sikh community is very politically active in Canada, it has demonstrated a strong capacity for mobilization and cuts from all sides,” he said.

Wiseman added that Indo-Canadians, as shown, were “more likely to vote” in political careers than their counterparts in other demographic groups.

Of those recorded by Singh’s campaign, nearly 30,000, or about two-thirds of them come from Ontario. This is not surprising since it is Singh’s backyard since he is a member of the provincial assembly of an electoral district in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

It is also there where line items have been the most active to support it, even online. More than 10,000 come from British Columbia, showing that more than 85% of the Singh campaign members are from these two provinces only.

A prominent figure in the Khalistan movement told Hindustan Times during the process that he intended to facilitate the collection of 1 million Canadian dollars and the signing of more than 30,000 members for Singh.

Many of them are traditionally supporters of the Liberal Party, but are changing for the sole purpose of voting for Singh. However, there is no indication. Singh’s campaign publicly solicited support from hard-liners in the community.

Singh also has a strong appeal among the faithful of the New Democrat, with his progressive political positions and personal charisma, including his appearance in the style sections of various magazines. This is the main cause of his promotion.

Wiseman said Singh could even win “in the first round of voting.” He also called it a “wild card” for the NDP, but one that “has more potential for play.”

If his base base is revealed in large numbers, Singh could well mark the leadership early.

Kenyan Election Official Found Dead Ahead Of Presidential Vote

Kenyan Election Official Found Dead Ahead Of Presidential Vote

The man in charge of the electronic voting system in Kenya was found dead days before citizens are going to vote for the president on 8 August.

Christopher Msando was the information director of the Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries. His body was found with signs of torture, said IEBC president Wafula Chebukati Monday.

“This is a brutal murder of our employees and we demand to know who killed him and why,” Chebukati said outside the morgue of the city of Nairobi, where the body of Msando was taken. “We demand that the government provide security to all IEBC staff members.”

In order to reduce the chances of fraud, Kenya uses biometric technology to identify voters and transmit the results, reports The Associated Press.

Msando was responsible for a Monday technology test poll. This test has been postponed.

Human Rights Watch said that the electronic transmission of live poll results is a source of controversy in Kenya; The opposition alleges that the rigging of votes occurs during the transmission.

Fearing the emotions of voters, Kenyans are looking for a technical solution
Fearing the emotions of voters, Kenyans are looking for a technical solution
Outgoing chairman Uhuru Kenyatta is locked in a very close race with Raila Odinga.

Kenyatta said in a statement his holiday weddings condemn the murder and adding, “We do not want to speculate or construct ways that can jeopardize any ongoing investigation.”

“That did not make any effort to cover up the murder as an accident shows the determination of the killers to send a message of cooling that will not stop at anything to get the result they want,” Odinga said at a press conference Monday.

“Our fans have come in large numbers without fear because there are too many of us and they can not be intimidated.”

The United States and the United Kingdom have offered assistance in the investigation into the murder.

“It is essential that Kenya is free, fair, credible and peaceful elections on 8 August and the protection of IEBC staff is essential to achieve this goal,” said US diplomat Robert Godec and British diplomat Nic Hailey in a joint statement.

Chebukati said that IEBC will continue the work of Msando.

His death was announced a day after police killed an armed intruder at the home of the vice president of Kenya after a seat near a day.

And analysts say more and more violence, reports AP.

Mass violence broke out leaving more than 1,000 dead after the disputed presidential election in 2007 in Kenya.